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UAE Trading Fair on the way!

viewing count:798 Release date:2018-03-25

The leaders of the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and large-scale enterprises in Hebei Province, a group of people fly to Abu Dhabi. To conduct a field trip to China Construction Materials Dubai overseas warehouse. The deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province Yu Shixin led the Hebei Provincial Economic and Trade Delegation to visit and interviewed the public overseas warehouse of the China Building Materials Dubai, and the relevant person in charge of CNBC Yidan.com separately on the basic situation of Dubai's public overseas warehouse, and The model of e-commerce + overseas warehouse, introduction of e-solo products and promotion methods were introduced to us. And conducted in-depth discussions with them. The major leaders of the visited counties and cities made speeches on the basic economic and trade conditions of their respective counties and cities, and how to promote in-depth cooperation with Dubai's public overseas warehouses. This purpose is to build a good platform for Hebei enterprises, hope that Hebei enterprises can grasp the valuable opportunity of this matchmaking and actively explore the Middle East market.



A group of people went to the China Hebei (United Arab Emirates) Brand Products Exhibition held at the Abu Dhabi International Convention and Exhibition Center for a two-day exhibition. During the exhibition, the Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and the Department of Foreign Trade of the Department of Commerce of Hebei Province ( Provincial Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services) Director Zhang, Fan County Magistrate of the Anping County People's Government, Director of the Anping County Bureau of Commerce visited our booth for guidance.






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