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All About Stucco Mesh

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Paperback Stucco Wire (Open Stud):

This type of wire has the paper attached to it already and is used for open stud applications mostly. A strand of wires runs the length of the paper and wire and is inter-weaved, connecting the two together. It has a bottom and top edge that are designed to fit on top of one another and overlap the paper and wire simultaneously.

I typically will apply two layers of 60 minute building paper to the wall before I use this wire because these tend to have a tendency to leak a lot easier. No sheer on the wall means that there is hardly any backing for the paper and wire so installation is a bit harder and takes a little bit longer.

Mesh Size and Advantage:

Typical Sizes It Comes In: This wire can come in a roll that is approx. 36" wide by 100' long and can come in sheets that measure 28" by 104".

Advantage: The mesh surface is stronger than the one without paper; This net has anti-flame retardant and waterproof functions.

Stucco Paper:

The paper is actually coated with an asphalt that is resistant to water and moisture. Is available in a couple of thicknesses and can be found in a one or two ply roll. Attach with a stapler that is made for roofing applications. Arrow makes great staplers and has a variety of staple sizes.

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